RWH Tax Preparation stands behind its work and provides all clients the following guarantee:

Your tax returns are prepared accurately based upon the information you provide. In most cases, the tax code is clear and decisions made in preparing your returns are straightforward. In rare situations, there may be different possible interpretations of the tax code with possibly different tax results. In those cases, we will consult with the appropriate agencies and authorities to make the best decision possible.

Should you receive a letter from any taxing authority claiming inaccuracy or incompleteness in the return, RWH Tax Preparation will review the letter and provide explanations and documents necessary to remedy the situation at no cost to you.

Should your tax return be audited, RWH Tax Preparation will provide a representative at the audit to help you answer the auditor’s questions on how the return was prepared (not a legal representative). If additional tax is due, you will be responsible to pay the additional tax. If any penalties or interest are due, and it is shown that RWH Tax Preparation had the necessary documents to properly prepare the tax return at the time of the original return preparation, RWH Tax Preparation will reimburse the client for any penalty and interest costs incurred.