Personal Income Tax Preparation

A Daunting Task at Best!

The Internal Revenue Code consists of more than 7,500 pages and about 4,000,000 words. Yes, it really is about four million words! If you include the explanation pages required to interpret the tax code, the number of pages explodes to more than 80,000, or about 57 million words! By comparison, The US Constitution has 4,543 words, and the Bible consists of about 1,340 pages and about 800,000 words. No wonder most Americans are confused and stressed when it comes time to prepare their personal tax returns.

The goal of RWH Tax Preparation is to provide you with personal service, professional knowledge, and peace of mind knowing that your Federal, State, and Local income tax returns are prepared and filed accurately and on time. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.

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To ensure that your tax returns are prepared properly, our preparers work diligently to keep up with the latest changes in the tax code making sure that you pay no more than you are legally required. You may rest assured that your returns are prepared properly and take advantage of all legal options to minimize your tax liability.

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